Super Fish – AquaFlow 400 / Filter 800 L/H, 17w, 200-400lt


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Unique features.

Easy Clean Click

Aqua-Flow filters come with easy clean click function for cartridges.

Spray bar

Aqua-Flow filters (excluding the Aqua-Flow 150 & 300) come with spray bars for better water flow and air distribution.

Activated Carbon

The first cartridges come filled with filter foam with a fully open-structure for perfect filtering and with Activated Carbon to remove organic contamination, chemicals and dyes from the water.


Aqua-Flow filters 150 and 300 come with CrystalMax, a very porous biological filter medium made from sintered glass. It acts as a sponge for microorganisms, decomposes waste products and harmful substances very fast and effectively. Replace the CrystalMax annually.